Laughter is one way to see happiness and hear it; it’s happiness made visible and audible. It’s the sound of joy. It’s not joy’s only sound; there is joy in sorrow, in tears, underneath sobs, and in silence. And there is laughter — this happy treasure — to cherish as a gift from God.

Laughter refreshes our mind. Laughter is the language of God. He always wants us to remain happy and joyful. We express our happiness with this emotion called laughter. It just soothes our mind. It calms down the environment, laughter encourages others also to feel good and joyful.

One who laughs, enjoys and is happy attracts more situations which bring smile at our face. Happy person attracts happy people and situations. God is always there with happy and joyful person. Everyone likes the company of such people.

So whatever may be the situation right now let us laugh , enjoy and remain untouched and unaffected by any sorrow and toxicity.


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