Understanding self

We all are beings , energy ,spirits in a human body. God has given us beautiful qualities. Peace ,power,bliss,love,purity, knowledge, truth. When we understand our basic nature, connect to our basic nature and qualities we feel contented. Let us try to feel these qualities as much we can in our routine. When we interact with others let us always remember they are also having the same qualities which we have..we all are same . We are god’s creature having these magical qualities.its our basic nature ,it’s our originality.

Take a few moments ,sit with yourself and visualise yourself feeling all the qualities. Visualise that while doing everything you will act through these original qualities which are so positive. you will be spreading positivity all around. You will uplift the vibrations of yourself and surroundings. You will vibrate higher.

We all need to understand that our thoughts ,our feelings,our words are very powerful. They are all our karma. Whatever we send in the universe through our thoughts,words, feelings and actions ,they all are our karma.

Using right kind of words are very important. Words should always be positive as our thoughts. Words must be used to appreciate each other. Words must bring smile on our face. Bad words used to curse or complaining brings sasdness .we must avoid using wrong words. Always appreciate others. Approve and motivate others. This all is added in our karmic account.

You can use words as your daily affirmations. Believe me you will feel bliss.


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