Role of spiritual , positive and powerful information in our lives

Information plays a big role in our life. What ever we read ,watch,listen it goes inside us and influence our thoughts. If we take motivational information in the the form of reading spiritual information like this blog or read positive quotes daily ,listen to motivational speeches ,it’s like diet of our mind.

It’s up to us what we take in .reading spiritual material regularly in morning is like breakfast of our mind. Spend a few minutes with yourself and read good information which will heal your spirit and mind and motivate you to think right about the life and situations . Right information leads to right thoughts and feelings.

Reading , listening and watching to good information directly touches our mind and heart. Morning is the best time for such divine information. And whenever you get free time take in positive information.

Keep with yourself positive information as a spiritual first aid kit . When ever you feel emotionally drained or want any solution just take few deep breaths..meditate.. remember god… remember your true original nature as discussed in my previous posts and also read n listen to positive information and sit in silence.

Writing positive things also is really powerful. Write positive affirmations like I am a powerful being. I am loveful being . In my next blog we will discuss about switchwords. How to use switch words and feel in control of our life.


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