Practical implementations of spirituality

Today I would like to discuss some easy tips to use in our daily lives so as to make our lives so simple and easy and joyful.

Friends our purpose is to first calm our state of mind so as to achieve whatever we want in this beautiful journey of life.

We need to understand if our state of mind is calm and peaceful we can do wonders.

So for having a peaceful mind there is not a single technique or method. Simplest method is breathing .

Start with deep breathing initially. Breathing soothes the mind.

After doing breathing for a few minutes ,start doing meditation. Meditation is nothing but creating positive thoughts ,going in deep silence is also meditation.There are many types of meditation. So now try to create a feeling of peace.Say to yourself and feel and visualise yourself as I am a peaceful being and just reflect upon peace. Say it loudly also I am peace. Reaffirm it again and again. Go into a state of thoughtlessness. You need to sit with yourself and with a quiet and stable state of mind and deep breathing feel peace inside are radiating peace.

Decide that today no matter what the situation will be ,I chose to remain peaceful.

Peace is my quality. A peaceful mind can handle all situations,people,words and circumstances.

We will explore more steps in next blog.


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