Healing ourselves

We all are beautiful spirits and we all have different experiences in this journey of life. Some experience are good and some are not so good. All our experience influence our minds. In some experiences we feel very happy and in some we feel opposite. Consciously or unconsciously we have created so many thoughts and feelings. These all experiences and feelings associated are recorded on our minds / spirit.

When we start to understand spirituality and become aware of our mind, thoughts, feelings,words, auctions. When we remain aware we choose our response and our feelings. They no longer remain automatic. We can learn to remain uninfluenced and unaffected by outer situations,actions and words. Our life comes in our control

Whatever is coming from outside is return of what we have emitted outside.

We cannot control what is coming from outside.But we can take charge of our inner world of thoughts , feelings also our words and actions. Awareness is required. Sometimes we respond in automated way because we have not been aware and it has become our habit to respond in a particular way. Some bad experiences have made us bitter also. We forget our true nature. Outer situations and words stimulates us. Even small things are now a days provoking us.

So it’s time to come back to our originality. We are more powerful than outer things. Let us take our power back. It’s time to heal ourselves. It’s time to become peaceful again,feel blissful,love ourselves, remember our purity and divinity.

God is the source of our inate qualities. God is full of these qualities. He is the ocean. Prayer and meditation are Powerful tools of healing. Remember god, connect to him,feel him. Do you remember god has always saved you, given you required solutions,powers to deal with difficult situations. Trust God. Our powerful connection with God heals us.

Visualise you are connected to God. You are experiencing his divinity. His pure vibrations are washing your spirit and mind. Tell your problems to him and just let go . Trust in God that he will handle. Relationship with self and with God is very important aspect in this phase of our life. Just sit with God ,feel him and come closer to our original qualities.


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