Laughter is one way to see happiness and hear it; it’s happiness made visible and audible. It’s the sound of joy. It’s not joy’s only sound; there is joy in sorrow, in tears, underneath sobs, and in silence. And there is laughter — this happy treasure — to cherish as a gift from God.

Laughter refreshes our mind. Laughter is the language of God. He always wants us to remain happy and joyful. We express our happiness with this emotion called laughter. It just soothes our mind. It calms down the environment, laughter encourages others also to feel good and joyful.

One who laughs, enjoys and is happy attracts more situations which bring smile at our face. Happy person attracts happy people and situations. God is always there with happy and joyful person. Everyone likes the company of such people.

So whatever may be the situation right now let us laugh , enjoy and remain untouched and unaffected by any sorrow and toxicity.


Role of spiritual , positive and powerful information in our lives

Information plays a big role in our life. What ever we read ,watch,listen it goes inside us and influence our thoughts. If we take motivational information in the the form of reading spiritual information like this blog or read positive quotes daily ,listen to motivational speeches ,it’s like diet of our mind.

It’s up to us what we take in .reading spiritual material regularly in morning is like breakfast of our mind. Spend a few minutes with yourself and read good information which will heal your spirit and mind and motivate you to think right about the life and situations . Right information leads to right thoughts and feelings.

Reading , listening and watching to good information directly touches our mind and heart. Morning is the best time for such divine information. And whenever you get free time take in positive information.

Keep with yourself positive information as a spiritual first aid kit . When ever you feel emotionally drained or want any solution just take few deep breaths..meditate.. remember god… remember your true original nature as discussed in my previous posts and also read n listen to positive information and sit in silence.

Writing positive things also is really powerful. Write positive affirmations like I am a powerful being. I am loveful being . In my next blog we will discuss about switchwords. How to use switch words and feel in control of our life.

Healing ourselves

We all are beautiful spirits and we all have different experiences in this journey of life. Some experience are good and some are not so good. All our experience influence our minds. In some experiences we feel very happy and in some we feel opposite. Consciously or unconsciously we have created so many thoughts and feelings. These all experiences and feelings associated are recorded on our minds / spirit.

When we start to understand spirituality and become aware of our mind, thoughts, feelings,words, auctions. When we remain aware we choose our response and our feelings. They no longer remain automatic. We can learn to remain uninfluenced and unaffected by outer situations,actions and words. Our life comes in our control

Whatever is coming from outside is return of what we have emitted outside.

We cannot control what is coming from outside.But we can take charge of our inner world of thoughts , feelings also our words and actions. Awareness is required. Sometimes we respond in automated way because we have not been aware and it has become our habit to respond in a particular way. Some bad experiences have made us bitter also. We forget our true nature. Outer situations and words stimulates us. Even small things are now a days provoking us.

So it’s time to come back to our originality. We are more powerful than outer things. Let us take our power back. It’s time to heal ourselves. It’s time to become peaceful again,feel blissful,love ourselves, remember our purity and divinity.

God is the source of our inate qualities. God is full of these qualities. He is the ocean. Prayer and meditation are Powerful tools of healing. Remember god, connect to him,feel him. Do you remember god has always saved you, given you required solutions,powers to deal with difficult situations. Trust God. Our powerful connection with God heals us.

Visualise you are connected to God. You are experiencing his divinity. His pure vibrations are washing your spirit and mind. Tell your problems to him and just let go . Trust in God that he will handle. Relationship with self and with God is very important aspect in this phase of our life. Just sit with God ,feel him and come closer to our original qualities.

Understanding self

We all are beings , energy ,spirits in a human body. God has given us beautiful qualities. Peace ,power,bliss,love,purity, knowledge, truth. When we understand our basic nature, connect to our basic nature and qualities we feel contented. Let us try to feel these qualities as much we can in our routine. When we interact with others let us always remember they are also having the same qualities which we have..we all are same . We are god’s creature having these magical qualities.its our basic nature ,it’s our originality.

Take a few moments ,sit with yourself and visualise yourself feeling all the qualities. Visualise that while doing everything you will act through these original qualities which are so positive. you will be spreading positivity all around. You will uplift the vibrations of yourself and surroundings. You will vibrate higher.

We all need to understand that our thoughts ,our feelings,our words are very powerful. They are all our karma. Whatever we send in the universe through our thoughts,words, feelings and actions ,they all are our karma.

Using right kind of words are very important. Words should always be positive as our thoughts. Words must be used to appreciate each other. Words must bring smile on our face. Bad words used to curse or complaining brings sasdness .we must avoid using wrong words. Always appreciate others. Approve and motivate others. This all is added in our karmic account.

You can use words as your daily affirmations. Believe me you will feel bliss.

Practical implementations of spirituality

Today I would like to discuss some easy tips to use in our daily lives so as to make our lives so simple and easy and joyful.

Friends our purpose is to first calm our state of mind so as to achieve whatever we want in this beautiful journey of life.

We need to understand if our state of mind is calm and peaceful we can do wonders.

So for having a peaceful mind there is not a single technique or method. Simplest method is breathing .

Start with deep breathing initially. Breathing soothes the mind.

After doing breathing for a few minutes ,start doing meditation. Meditation is nothing but creating positive thoughts ,going in deep silence is also meditation.There are many types of meditation. So now try to create a feeling of peace.Say to yourself and feel and visualise yourself as I am a peaceful being and just reflect upon peace. Say it loudly also I am peace. Reaffirm it again and again. Go into a state of thoughtlessness. You need to sit with yourself and with a quiet and stable state of mind and deep breathing feel peace inside are radiating peace.

Decide that today no matter what the situation will be ,I chose to remain peaceful.

Peace is my quality. A peaceful mind can handle all situations,people,words and circumstances.

We will explore more steps in next blog.


Hello friends..this is my first blog on spirituality. This blog is for those who are interested in spirituality and believe that spirituality works. Spirituality means to awaken our spirit. Spirituality is like a magic . Our life becomes so simple by believing in spirituality. It makes our lives beautiful as we are totally responsible for our destiny when we understand the practical implementations of spirituality. It calms our state of mind . It relaxes us. We become incharge of ourselves. We become more independent , fearless, positive,brave, peaceful, powerful, loveful, blissful,pure and divine. Spirituality raises our vibrations. We are able to see clearly what is good and what is not. What is right and what is not . Our health improves,our relationships are in harmony,we excel in our carrier, studies,and we enjoy our lives.

Spirituality is for everyone.

It’s just so much fun and a newness comes in our lives.if we start practicing spirituality right from the childhood we can do wonders. Believe me it’s not boring. So in my next blog I would be sharing some tips and tricks to make your life so much simpler, beautiful and explore more regarding spirituality.

Any doubts questions will be appreciated.

We will be discussing various steps of spirituality.

You will love your life. Till then have a happy time.